Census 2020 News

Getting a Fair and Accurate Census Count (My View)»

Santa Fe New Mexican | March 2, 2019 – We need the governor and our state Legislature to act now to ensure the U.S. Census count in New Mexico is as accurate as possible, thus protecting our state’s economic future. Starting in April 2020, census takers will go door to door asking New Mexicans to help the U.S. government fulfill its decennial constitutional duty of counting every single person in our state.

NM Can’t Afford 2020 Census Undercount»

The Albuquerque Journal | February 6, 2019 – Currently, NM receives almost $8 billion in federal aid each year based on the decennial Census. This figure makes New Mexico rank No. 1 in our dependence on federal aid, according to online publication WalletHub.

Census Map Shows NM Likely Undercounted»

Albuquerque Journal | November 23, 2017 – New Mexicans and Alaskans are the least cooperative Americans when it comes to filling out and returning federal census surveys, according to a recent analysis. Researchers at City University of New York took the survey return rates for the 2010 census shows most of New Mexico is considered a hard-to-count area.