Census 2020 News

Why the Census Matters for LGBTQ People»

National LGBTQ Task Force | April 3, 2019 – Though the Census does not explicitly ask about gender identity or sexual orientation, LGBTQ people exist within all the different populations that are undercounted and underserved. It is important for us to be counted in the 2020 Census to ensure that our communities have fair access to democracy and social services funding.

Ready for Census 2020?»

Santa Fe Reporter | April 2, 2019 – Advocacy groups worry that there isn’t enough money to complete an accurate count, which could cause major problems for governments of all sizes across the nation.

Census Countdown Kicks-Off»

Press Release | April 1, 2019 – A year from today, the 2020 Census will officially start. Completed once every 10-years, this massive undertaking strives to count every resident of the United States. While many people see the census as a mere headcount of US residents, the census has far-reaching implications.

Estimating the Effect of Asking About Citizenship on the U.S. Census»

Shorenstein Center | March 21, 2019 – We find that asking about citizenship status significantly increases the percent of questions skipped, with particularly strong effects among Hispanics, and makes respondents less likely to report having members of their household who are of Hispanic ethnicity. 

Census Undercount Would Cost New Mexico Dearly»

Las Cruces Sun News | March 17, 2019 – Now is the time to act. The governor should immediately reorganize the statewide Complete Count Committee that brings together critical groups to spread the word of the importance of the census to their community.

Child Advocates: Underfunding of U.S. Census Likely to Hurt NM»

Press Release | March 14, 2019 – President Trump’s budget request has underfunded the U.S. Census Bureau by nearly $1 billion, according to estimates by the Census Project, a broad-based coalition of organizations working to ensure an accurate,…