Partner: Native American Voters Alliance Education Project

The Native American Voters Alliance Education Project (NAVAEP) is a key member of the NM Counts 2020 Collaboration and leading the development of a Census outreach in New Mexico Native Communities. NMVAEP has a long history of engaging Native American people through integrated voter engagement (IVE) strategies. They have phone-banked, door knocked and registered thousands of Native Americans as part of our efforts to educate and engage people on a variety of issues. They are one of the only Native American community organizations that has experience in issue campaign work in Navajo, Pueblo and urban Indian communities in New Mexico. They understand the different protocols and strategies that work in each of these very distinct communities.

NMVAEP is also collaborating with The All Pueblo Council of Governors (APCG) for the Census 2020. APCG is made of up of the 19 New Mexico Pueblos and 1 Pueblo in Southern Texas, who convene monthly meetings to review policies from the federal, state and local levels as it impacts their members. APCG is one of the oldest political alliances whom continually work to protect their inherent sovereign rights. In their discussions about the 2020 Census and through their Legislative Committee have asked NAVAEP to seek funding to ensure an accurate count of the Pueblo people in New Mexico. APCG will serve as the main convener of the Pueblo Counts Campaign as the official Pueblo entity that has access to each of the Pueblo communities. NMVAEP will expand their collaboration to include other Pueblo entities like the 5 Sandoval Indian Pueblos, the 8 Northern Indian Pueblos, Pueblo service organizations and tribal census enrollment offices to ensure a broad reach into Pueblo country in order to endeavor an accurate count.

Contact: Ahtza Dawn Chavez, Executive Director, NAVA Education Project, P.O. Box 35698, Albuquerque, NM 87176, 505-246-1819 (0), 505-489-8658 (m),