Initial Apportionment 2020 Census Count

The US Census Bureau shares initial population count for purposes of apportionment

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New Mexico Census Efforts

For more information about Census efforts throughout the state, visit iCount NM

2020 Census Self-Response Rates

Are you curious about how many people in your community are responding to the 2020 Census? Stay up to date with a map of self-response rates from across the United States.

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What is NM Counts 2020?

NM Counts 2020 is an outreach campaign supported by a group of New Mexico foundations to help ensure that all New Mexicans are counted in the 2020 Census, especially in the most HTC and reach communities. NM Counts 2020 has distributed funds in four grant rounds to nonprofit organizations serving immigrants, young children, and the Native American population. Our goal is to provide resources and funding to community organizations to help engage and encourage a complete count in the upcoming CensusMORE INFO»

NM Counts 2020 Statement on Initial Apportionment Census Count of New Mexico

The US Census Bureau’s announcement that New Mexico’s apportionment population has grown from 2,067,273 to 2,120,220 is vital news for New Mexico.

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Accurate census data ensures everyone in the community gets their fair share of resources and has a political voice. The most vulnerable for an undercount are children under 5, foreign-born residents, Pueblos, Tribes and Nations, Hispanics and rural populations.


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